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K-digidata has first a key role to play in the Cambodian economy. The company employs more than 100 people in Phnom Penh.
K-digidata is also expert and leader in the Ebook industry in Cambodia.

New technologies changed lifestyles and customers’ consumption habits especially in the publisher market. Our company anticipates trends and continuously innovates in its sector. Historical partner of French group Actissia, K-digidata is associated with best specialists of cultural goods to reach excellence. With its 6 teams made up of engineers, web designers, developers and operators, K-digidata is able to produce high quality digital books at a competitive price.

K-digidata is now a global and dynamic company highly oriented to innovation. Around 80% of our employees are tri lingual
(English / French/ Khmer). Most of them are young and talented Cambodian managed by experienced managers.

Our success

K-digidata is successful today because of a combination of several factors:

KDD staffKDD staff


Our development

K-digidata evolves constantly, you will find below the key dates in the history of our company.

KDD staff