Our services

K-Digidata now offers a range of services combining quality and innovation. Mastering the Ebook production chain, our company is able to create from a simple to a complex Ebook. K-Digidata also has a “data entry team” to perfectly meet customer’s expectations and needs.



Data entry

Our Creations


The EPUB2 team creates "simple“ Ebooks with the EPUB2 format. It is usually novels and technical books. The Epub2 format perfectly meets publishers specific needs.

These books contain:

  • photographs (color or black and white) with text
  • hyperlinks
  • dynamic charts
  • summaries
  • footnotes
  • multi columns text

Among its many benefits, this format facilitates the distribution of books as it adapts to all existing devices (tablet, smartphone, E-readers etc..). By using the EPUB2 format, K-Digidata optimizes digital books whether they are opened on Android or Apple.


The EPUB3 team is able to create enhanced and interactive digital books. Our employees use the EPUB3 format. It is an evolution of the EPUB2 format. At the opposite of the old EPUB2 format, the EPUB3 format allows to add :

  • sound
  • video
  • animated pictures
  • interactions

This new format brings new experiences to readers. K-Digidata is one of the few companies in the world that perfectly master this EPUB3 format for digital books.

Data entry

Our employees working in this section are specialists in data management. They control and manage companies ‘data bases. The data entry team is so polyvalent that we can manage various data from different sectors of activities.

The team can:

  • type technical documents in many languages, order forms, catalogs, checks.
  • perform simple and double data entry
  • enrich databases etc..

Our team deals with vital data that will be reused later so our work should be flawless. The accuracy and the fast pace of our data entry team allow us to obtain a result with a high quality, in short delays and competitive prices.

Our creations

To better understand different formats we use, we invite you to play the video below. This one will give you a good view of our work and our know how.